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Student Loan Planning

Why Work With a CSLP®

Why Work With a CSLP®

CSLP® stands for Certified Student Loan ProfessionalTM .  Working with a CSLP® can provide an additional measure of financial confidence knowing the advisory services you receive are based on advanced knowledge about student loan advising, coupled with personal finance.  

What Does it Cost?

$900 one-time fee 
Services Included:

  • Summary of Current Student Loan Structure
  • Balance Sheet Summary Report
  • Student Loan Repayment Plan Document with Recommendation(s)
  • *Option for ongoing subscription-based planning service throughout the implementation process until the plan is completed at $50/mo

*Planning fee(s) can be billed monthly or quarterly depending on the interest of the client.  Subscription-Based agreements are year-long commitments and auto renew each yar unless 30-days notice of cancellation is provided.

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Student Loan Planning for Your Employees!

Student Loan Planning for Your Employees!

Employer Culture is a huge concern for younger top talent.  What are you offering your staff as a business owner and are you providing them with the benefits that they truly desire?  Student loans are a major concern for most young professionals, what are you doing today to help them address these matters?